Inside Our Home | are we Horders or just eclectic ?

It’s a good question. One that I sometimes can’t answer ! Although if I did take a stab I’d say Eclectic, of course !

We have been doing a lot of city driving lately with some odd jobs we have been picking up. Along with this comes ample treasure that we find along the way.

This mustard, golden beauty is no exception. And she excitedly is the latest edition to the family.

I’ve been dying to have a chair worthy of the morning sun that used to shine ever so brightly on the empty floor. Now, the sun can rejoice, and so can I. We both have mustard beauty to rein on. That’s of course if I can beat these two there.

Frankie seems to find anything soft to sit or lie on and Cooper can never have enough Sun. Between them both, I may get to sit there once. Just once.

My other love is this beautiful piece that I keep getting in trouble for calling a tall boy. I know it’s not one, but words escape me sometimes and I just say what is slipping off my tongue.

Steve brought this home, sanded it back and slithered it with a nice coat of stainer. He did well. Now I can hide my kitchen bench mess in draws. Thank you Steve.

Stay tuned, so you too can decide whether we are Horders or just Ecelctic.
Christie X (@umyehthatsme) 🌿

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