What you should be doing this Long Weekend in Sydney.

Although we are escaping the city and heading north to Byron Bay we thought its best to give you city folk some ideas to roll with for this freakin long weekend ! #nowork

The iPhone weather man, or is it Siri? Is telling us that it’s going to be a stinking 27 degrees on Sunday with a slightly cooler Monday coming in at 23 degrees. Certainly two temperatures we can work with. 

So where should you start? If it were us, we would be starting with The Architecture Festival in Chippendale. Sounds geeky, but it looks pretty damn rad. 

William Smart and Indigo Slam are showing, for the first time, their incredible collaboration. Think creative freedom for architects with no restriction on layout/size. What do you get ? 

This beauty. A must see this week. Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a pod ? 

Well, now you’ll know. 

Get on the bus, train, your bike or in your car and head over to Double Bay. We may be a little slow on the money here but we have been discovering a little more hidden gems in Sydney and Double Bay certainly falls into that category. 

Apart from breath taking views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Harbour itself. There are some funky little cafes in and around the main strip. 

We enjoyed a beverage and lunch at Little Jean cafe. The Angus steak with delicious Fried Risotto (yum!) and the spagehttini was delicious. 


Sunday sessions have always been a favourite. The Brewery Yard Markets at Central Park this Sunday would suffice our Sunday session needs. Don’t be upset if you can’t go, it’s not a Long Weekend special – this must do Sydney market will be open on the first and third Sunday of every month. 

Depending on your flavour, it may be worth your while checking out the Greek Community feast at Gazebo. You can never have too much Feta in your life. Ever. Feta filled Monday’s is just the beginning.

More than enough reason to spend the Long Weekend in Sydney.
Even if we are escaping to Byron sunshine and beach vibes 🌿

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