We fell in love with Texas and think you will too 🌿

I know what your thinking. Texas? How and why could this be an eye opening trip. Easy.

Texas was by far one of my favourite places in our recent trip to the States and Central America. It may be partly because of how surprised I was to see the things I did and partly because it’s just that damn good.

You can spend all day immersing yourself in the youth culture of Austin, hike mountains to see the sunrise in Big Bend National Park or drive for hours and see nothing in the Texan dessert. Either one of these options will suffice.

Living the high life in true Texan spirit at the Honky Tonk, Austin.

This is a MUST! It is like a travel in time. The passion and dedication to Honky Tonk is just admirable. There are some serious Honky’s out there. And an abundance of LED signs lit up to make you smile.

Spend a day, a week or even a year (I’llllll be there for youuuuu, ok I’ll stop. #friends) at Barton Springs, Austin Texas. Hire a bike and do the loop .

If you do, you will come away with snaps as cool as these.

I really wasn’t kidding. Texas is pretty amazing. If you haven’t noticed, we fell in love with Austin. Long thoughts went into moving there, or Japan.

Finally, if there is one more thing you do in Texas. Make it the Big Bend National Park. Even if you do get thoroughly checked by US border security on the way out, that’s another story + it’s worth it.

It’s everything you didn’t think you would find in Texas. Which is why you need to go.
All threads worn in these photos are from our store, of course ! 
Happy Hump Day Lovers 🌿✔️

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