Lingerie leaves the bedroom



Juliette Elle in editorial shoot featuring hair styled by me     follow @stevieharris_hair for mor exclusive content and bts snaps of the fashion editorials I am working on



This spring, as the temperatures slowly start to creep higher, women are being encouraged to shed their clothing and embrace boudoir dressing. This trend was huge in the 90’s  too and the resurgence we are seeing now is just as sexy as its predecessor. Slip dresses, camisoles, bralettes and robes have been created so beautifully it would be a crime to keep them covered or reserved just for the bedroom.

The materials used evoke a sense of luxury inspired by the pin-up sirens of the 1940’s. Silk and lace are essentials and will hug your skin and give you an instant injection of confidence. Add decadent velvets and dare to bare in anything sheer. Give in to your sultry side and allow yourself to be taken over by your inner seductress, you may notice your walk becoming slower, a sexy saunter, and your gaze may become scorching, your come hither bedroom eyes driving that special somebody crazy.

The slip dress is without a doubt the hero piece of the trend as it was in the 90’s. Back then we were offered looks paired with Doc Martens and grunge accessories giving a tough, edgy look now we are seeing more sultry offerings from the women confident enough to rock the trend. Slip dresses are being slashed to the thighs, held up by spaghetti straps with plunging necklines or completely backless, the look is about being fearless and unapologetic in your fashion choices, so take your cue from the OG bad gal, RiRi, often seen in the daring get up, and  don’t be afraid to expose a little, or a lot, of naked flesh.

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Rihanna, queen of the slip dress. Which of these raunchy outfits is your favourite?

 This look is all about glamour and the feelings of intimacy evoked by seeing a woman in her unmentionables. The pieces are about understated elegance and should be worn with demure class. The style already leads the brain to go to a place of fantasy so looks that are too obvious about being sexy can feel cheap and don’t reach the looks styling potential. Set your hair in rollers to give volume and soft waves cascading down your back or work an unstructured updo by twisting and pinning loosely atop your head, the key is to not look like you have tried too hard. Pair this with a soft smokey eye, barely there base makeup giving a flawless finish. Try peachy tones for your cheeks or experiment with a bold lip in a wide range of shades, play around with burgundies and plums for a darker, sexier edge to add mystery.


Locally, designers are embracing this sensual direction for fashion and there is no shortage of home-grown sartorial offerings for those of you who like to support the talented artists that Australia has to offer. Head to the Justa Local online store to shop pieces by We Are Savages, who’s latest collection has just hit our racks and features a rock chic interpretation for you to work into your style. I am in love with their leather bralette ($89) which should be worn with a give no f*cks attitude and exudes effortless cool. For those ready to dive into the true essence of boudoir fashion, you simply cannot go past the Reignite Dress by Kira Pizzingrilla made from 100% silk featuring an original print by the designer This dress embodies the essence of the sultry trend in every way and can be styled in many different ways so as to suit almost any occasion is worth every penny of its $460 price tag this gorgeous dress is a chameleon piece that can be worn time and time again.

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