WATCH-ya talking ’bout, Willis

Since their invention watches have been considered a statement of style and have become an item  by which to judge a person’s social standing or class. They are often used by the wearer as an indicator to the level of wealth or power that they hold and are used in boardrooms the world over as a new, grown up version of a  pissing contest at the mens room urinal.  Mobile phones with satellite set clocks as a standard feature may have rendered watches technologically obsolete, but our reason for wearing one has evolved over time and they have become so much more than a tool of practicality. With this in mind, it seems fairly certain that they will continue to adorn the wrists of the worlds most powerful and stylish citizens for a very long time (pun intended) to come.

As buyers, we are being offered so many different styles and designs, the market seems almost endless, which can make shopping for one a daunting task. A stylish timepiece is likely to be accompanied by a rather hefty pricetag. It is important to remember that this is an investment purchase, like a Chanel bag or a Burberry trench coat, that earns its price tag throughout time or you may be in for a nasty shock when it comes time to head to the register. 


When it comes to choosing your watch it is important to not get swept away by pieces influenced by the trends of the time, but instead look for a timeless (pun intended, again) watch that will be versatile and fit in with your style as it develops and changes throughout your life.Remember that these looks will come and go, each fashion season offering us something new as the style du jour, but understated elegance will be forever in style.

Having now prepared you with my forewarning of costs, it seems you may be in for a pleasant treat. I have stumbled upon the holy grail of wristwatches, something so rare that it’s existence is often questioned like that of the Loch Ness monster. I am talking about a piece that merges the worlds of quality, style and affordability.


Blaaxwatches are newcomers to an industry that is steeped in tradition and history that offers little room for newcomers and are fast becoming a stylish alternative to the usual popular brands. An Australian company, who have just released a collection of surprisingly affordable, contemporary timepieces that will be just as popular internationally due to their minimalistic, chic designs and serve to prove that style and quality don’t have to mean taking a second mortgage to afford. These watches are made with all styles of people, tastes and occasions in mind and can look just as at home on the beach as they do at a black tie event.

The brands mission is simple, they believe that everybody deserves to own a stylish watch that will be versatile enough to suit almost anybody while still offering their customers options that have the ability to emphasise the wearers personality and unique sense of style. The company stays true to their brand statement, which is quite simply ‘time and elegance’  and delivers sophistication, elegance, durability and sustainability.
A true unisex piece, each watch from the collection is versatile and can be styled in countless ways to enhance your look no matter what that may be. A stylish watch can be the perfect finishing piece to complete an outfit and really elevates your image to a level that no other accessory can.

BLAAX Midnight Rose -$149 online at

My favourite in the collection is the Midnight Rose (available at The black face and band are broken by the luxurious rose gold frame, hands and markings that shine beautifully under any light. It oozes class in such an understated way thanks to its minimalistic design. This is seen throughout the entire collection, they are watches that do not have to try too hard to be noticed. With prices around the $150 mark you could almost justify getting them all, but any one will be something that you can slip seamlessly into your daily life without a need to alter your style at all.

Choose the watch of your dreams from the slideshow below and head to where the entire collection is available for purchase.

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