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Leopard Is Back & I’m Happy About That!


Is Back In Town.   


 The most anticipated ‘Love Story’, of all time (AND STILL better, than twilight.)

Leopard Print & Leather go-together like;

Mud Cake and Whipped Cream; 

Peanut Butter and Jelly (if you’re American, if you’re Australian..ew!);

Or like;

Chocolate Nesquik and Milk

Biscuits and Cheese, or,

Chips and Gravy! 

Can’t half tell who’s a little fatty with food choices- can you?

— But, why does it go together, so well?

It just does…

image we are savages leather fashion

Perhaps it’s because leather is the easiest trend to wear with any style, comfort, or fashion sense?

Or, maybe it’s because Leather- equaling style, class and sophistication– along with Leopard; equaling stylised-animal prints, which bring out the animalistic natures, of us all?

And in fact wearing it, gives us a sense of belonging. To a pack, to ourselves?

Black Leather also enhances and shines, the black-spots, found in Leopard print. It matches; blends; evens out; empowers and brings out personality to make an outstanding outfit choice!! NO matter your size, shape or budget!

image denim overalls

                     Leopard and denim even?                    

^^ Look at those fashionable items, waiting for your precious hands to scoop them up! Like a preyed on victim.. You wild thing, you!

1- Did I happen to mention that a lot of these items are in store right now at Justa Local Store?! 

2- More than that, they’re actually mostly all ON SALE!?

“Come on killer, get in there, be empowered, be fierce!”

-> Pounce on over to~ JUSTA LOCAL STORE!  


At the end of the day– all that matters is, that as long as you be yourself, you’ll rock it!

Don’t be afraid to wear what YOU feel comfortable in!!  Even, if it’s considered a little ‘OTT’, or on the ‘wild-side’.

If you’re being true to yourself, and happy in your own sense of style, you’ll be much more likely to pull ANY look off– with oozing confidence.

Like right now?– I’m wearing PINK (floral) pyjama pants; a Leopard Print Hoody; watching a midday-movie (it’s 2pm); and the house is a mess!

Skip the ‘mess’– a bomb site!

And… My son has NO nappy on..

Today? — Life is bliss! Ha!

Leather leopard fashion trend

                       LEOPARDS HISTORY~                          

In the 1920’s, Leopard was a fairly big hit, but what characterised why it had this appeal; was the fact it was- “REAL”, GENUINE Leopard FUR!

Yet, it wasn’t until the later 60’s; when a fashion label custom-made a designer Leopard fur-coat, for the late, Jacqueline Kennedy; that the rave for Leopard Print really made a comeback.

Which, in turn, then also contributed quite heavily, to the problem that was arising, in their midst.

Which, was the sudden and pressing urgency to stop the further reduction, of the number of Leopard’s being killed-in-the-wild; along with the number being killed, JUST for their furs!

After the Fashion Industry realised this potentially astronomical cause to an even bigger problem– risk of extinction. Especially that of such an eqsquisite animal!!

So, they turned to man-made ‘faux-fur’, which is what you know, and love today.

Jacqueline; being a lady of such power; money; fortune & fame, would have had a great influence in this campaign; and I just wish that these sorts of industries would listen, then act as quickly and swiftly, as they did back then..

Now, earning a buck or two is seemingly “more important”, to a lot more of todays Man, Woman; Companies, and general population.


Boots skirts fashion leather leopard trend

                  The best leopard prints to buy?               

Darker colours that blend-in a little, more so than deep/bright contrast colourings.

Steer clear of more coloured varieties like Pinks & Purple’s– although pretty, don’t look as authentic, and will age-  as trends do,

• Higher priced Leopard Prings; with great attention to detail, will last longer, and will stand the turnings, of ‘fashion-style-times’.

• The more you pay; the better quality you’ll receive.

Which is like anything in life! Right?!

Fashion, leather, leopard print, trend

^ TEAM THIS LOOK (that you can find in store)- with a classic pair of leopard print boots like my featured pic! Or a cute cropped leopard print jacket and a headscarf for perfecting the look.


^ Nothing to say a dude can’t wear leopard print and not get away with being fashionably sexy!

– Team this JUSTA LOCAL STORE Look; with a Leopard Print Hoody, Leather Jacket & a smick Leopard Print-style Boot (as pictured below- And.. Also in store!)


BOTH Leopard & Leather; really can go with just ’bout anything!

Team this JUSTA LOCAL STORE look with a leather crop top/or jacket, or simply a pair of leather knee high boots!




Whatever happens, Leopard Print will just continue to make a  return.

Like “Precious”, from LOTR-Trilogy.




It might go out-of-fashion for a decade… or 4, but it will be back!!

Mark. My. Words!

I hope, by that time, there’s some cool new-tech out; that means I’ll be still alive to see it through!

Or, I could just go to bed, because I’m quite obviously very tired, right now. Ha!

                 Signing off, till next week.

 * Happy Leopard Leaping, into store, folks! *  

#You wont catch a Leopard there; but you just might poach yourself, a real-good bargain!#

– Squishy Hugs & Kisses,

💖 Xx Dani xX 💖

{Find me @ TheWriterDownUnder}


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