How do you do, navy blue? 

I am an unashamed and self confessed black addict. 

I love black so much I could be the third Olsen twin..  Legit. 

When Yeezy rapped 

“all black errthang”

My response – challenge accepted! 

Black on black on black with black accessories to match is a pretty standard outfit for me

My Wardrobe is 90% black, the remaining 10% is grey or  white

Especially as we near the heat of summer my heart yearns to wear colour, but the truth is,  I’m scared.

When I do actually make it out of the house in anything other than my second skin of black, I feel uncomfortable.

I feel like people know that I am completely disregarding my signature colour and, Like Elle Wood’s pal Serena, in Legally Blonde, they don’t understand why.


If you too suffer from  this debilitating phobia

If colour makes you cry…

If the thought of wearing pastels makes you puke (guilty)

Fear not, I have the solution…


The perfect solution to a life lacking colour. 

Let navy be a gateway colour, a stepping stone, easing you into the transition from your uniform of black to the options that colour will bring to your life.

Far enough away from black to freshen up your look, but close enough that you don’t feel like there is a neon sign above your head.


A shade that can be dressed up or down. It is both sophisticated and laid-back

If you aren’t feeling ready to completely turn your back on black,  wear them both. My whole life my nan has been adamant in telling me otherwise, drilling the rule into me for as long as I can remember, but much like the majority of her fashion advice,  feel free to disregard it. 

Sorry Honey,  but times have changed

What Karl says goes

Try pairing with the deep blue with crisp whites or soft creams for a nautical vibe. Be inspired by the recent GIGI x TOMMY collection – A collaboration between Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger


Gigi isn’t afraid to let us know of her love affair with the colour. She is a true blue fan and rocks it wether she is keeping the colour cool and casual in the street or turning her glam all the way up for a red carpet.



Sorry – I couldn’t resist.

It seems that everyone in Hollywood has gone cookoo for blue-blue

Rihanna loves it so much she named her fan squad after the colour… #rihannanavy

And why wouldn’t she when all she does is slay navy’s existence?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Kardashians have all been spotted in their Navy best. They seem to be working it so hard I’ve decided that they must be in a secret competition with some seriously high stakes –  a competition I will happily be the judge of.

In order of least favourite to baddest bitch on top…

Kourtney looks composed and ladylike thanks to the  silhouette and length of this dress but avoids entering the territory of matronly dressing by juxtaposing the classic cut with edgy, navy crocodile skin material. A great dress, but pairing a metallic clutch with her chic neutral pumps really loses her points in this fashion face off,  she will have to do better to Keep up with (the rest of) the Kardashians


Koko has undergone a complete image overhaul thanks to the confidence brought on by being in the best shape of her life and girlfriend is killing it. Her newly blonde hair is complimented by the shade and sheer fabric somehow seems to be more daytime appropriate than black.

Kylie wouldn’t be Kylie if she didn’t find a way to do things differently to her sisters and this time it pays off. Known for her collection of wigs in every hue imaginable,  this is definitely one of my favorites from her plethora of options

Kylie plays by her own rules and tries the trend in her tresses

Kim is flawless, and makes navy blue her bitch in both these ultra glam offerings by Gucci and Marchesa.

But,  as should be expected,  Kendall is the true Kween of the Klan when it comes to this navy blue fashion face off. In all fairness though,  with legs like Kenny’s she has quite the advantage when it comes to a race.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As if being seen on Karl isn’t enough, there is no denying a trends place in fashion once it has been worn by Victoria Beckham. Navy blue has been officially certified

VB even embraced the regal colours royal roots and let it reign Supreme at the Royal wedding

Navy blue scored an invite to the royal wedding

Selena Gomez basically owes her recent transition from childlike fashion victim to sophisticated and on-going sultry vixen to this particular shade of blue.

By now and it should be very easy to see just how versatile this colour can be and I’m sure your brain is busy thinking of  ways that you can begin to update your wardrobe with this injection of color.

As should be expected,  Justa Local Store Is all over the trend like Oprah to carbs. One of my favourite collections currently available in our online store is by The Only Label. Naming their pieces after bona fide style icons was a very fitting decision when they are all 10/10’s in my eyes.

Miss Bradshaw pencil skirt – $99.95
MIA cropped tweed boxy top – $99.95 & Twiggy miniskirt frayed hem – $89.95
Miss Birkin Tuxedo Dress – 149.95

Visit to view the entire collection and see what else is on offer in the store


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