Emily Ratajkowski makes me say wowski

Emily Ratajkowski was thrust into the spotlight as the topless hotty in Robin Thicke’s controversial music video for the song,  ‘Blurred Lines’. 

Since then,  Em has proved to look just a good when she is covered by clothing. She seems to have a great awareness of her body and knows how  to dress in a way that is right for her frame. She very rarely puts a foot wrong whether it be wearing a thin strapped stilleto or a platformed sneaker.

With her striking features,  long dark hair,  tiny frame and curves in all the right places it is easy to see why she is an accomplished model who is comfortable in her own skin – and not afraid to bare it all. 

While it has been difficult for me to do so, here is my top 10 list,  in no particular order, of my favourite Emily Ratajkowski style moments 

This mod inspired look is so chic thanks to her monochromatic palate while the box shape keeps it true to the era that inspired it. And obvs I love the boots because there is never a time when an over-the-knee boot isn’t appropriate in my eyes,  the suede keeps it stylish where a patent leather shoe would have made the whole look rather costumey 

I love this simply because nobody else could wear it and look as poised and polished as her. Olive green is almost impossible to wear well but the colour is perfect for her skin tone and her makeup is on point. Even the soft pink of the accessories seems so right against the green, despite my head telling me that it shouldn’t.  This outfit has that special something that let’s me ignore my brain and makes me feel something and reminds me why I live fashion as a art form.

(Wow,  Stevie,  you’ve really out-gayed yourself) 

Monochrome fringe dtailing – need I say more? 

This is exactly how one should celebrate landing a Vogue cover and her low key daytime makeup is giving me life. 

Yasss bitch, drink that wine,  slay that pose. Whoever says you can’t wear white after Labour day needs to take a seat 

ps – bitch stole my look 

She looks like an ethereal goddess,  this lavender,  fringed dress is what dreams are made of. 

No woman can ever use needing to look work appropriate as an excuse for not looking immaculate on the daily, because this photo is proof that you can be both 

This dress is so Dolce & Gabbana that you need an Italian passport to wear it. This dress has such a distinct personality that you can see the character of it come alive and take over Emily,  letting her become a sultry,  Sicilian sex symbol,  a la Sophia Loren, despite her heritage being Polish, Irish and Jewish  

I guess certain perks should be expected when you attend an event on the arm of renowned couture designer Zac Posen and this gown  certainly is quite a jaw dropping perk 

There is no denying it,  the girl looks great nearly naked! She donned this silky offering that defies the laws of science – excluding the law of attraction, because I am definitely attracted to this outfit. 

No list of just 10 looks could do the gorgeous model/ actress enough justice because she just keeps serving up truly killer outfits – the girl is slaying it so hard I might have to start calling her Buffy. 

Pretty and feminine. . . 

Slayed it. 

Edgy and tough. . . 

Slayed it. 

Body con/ vip hostess. . . . 

Slayed it. 

Black tie/ billionaire’s younger wife

Slayed it. 

Sports luxe cool. . .  

Slayed it.  

Geisha. . X-mas tree.. Oscar’s statuette . . . 

Pronounce them all dead, Coroner,  because,  they have been slayed beyond chance of resurrection

If you have been inspired by the bangin’ babe’s sexy style,  here are my top 3 tips for jacking her swag:

  • The devil is in the details 

Keep your accessories coordinated and understated to compliment your outfit rather then having statement pieces that will steal the show. This will help you achieve outfits that look thoroughly well thought out and   polished

  • Bare it all. . . And then some

It’s a choice women have been forced to make since the dawn of time,  cleavage or legs? Break out your maracas and sombreros amigos,  because just like our taco shells we can now have both. Emily is all about embracing the sexuality that comes from being a woman,treating it as a weapon and not a burden to be ashamed of or a gift to men. Feel free to release your inner Fembot Need some extra confidence,  use Ed’s go to (not so) secret weapon – a glowing spray tan. 

  • Slut shaming is a crime against feminism

To quote Mean Girls,  ‘ladies we have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores,  because it makes it okay for guys to call us sluts and whores’. Play nice, girls,  Emily doesn’t think there is anything wrong with dressing provocatively or with the way she dresses being appreciated by both men and women and strongly believes that nobody,  male or female,  should feel entitled to an opinion on the matter. 

Emily always looks a million dollars whatever she is wearing but you look doesn’t have to actually cost you the big bucks. I’m about to provide you with a complete outfit that echoes Emily’s style and won’t break your bank,  all available online at Justa Local Store. 

The look:

Here’s how to dress up your summer staple Daisy Dukes and look as fierce as Em strutting her stuff in New York

. . . Nobody Denim -$139

       . . . Single White Female -$35

Lolita (black) – Finery

ON SALE –  $75

Wasteland – Black/Springbrook 

STATUS Anxiety $349

To really nail her vibe, accessorise to complete the look – nothing detracts from a great outfit like grubby nails

  1. Manhattan Mist – Jolie + Dean   – $15
  2. Linear earrings – Ayana- $32
  3. Silver Circle ring -Ayana-$45

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