Let’s play bye bye or I die

The game is simply a round up of outfits from over the last month or so. If I say bye bye,  the look is heinous and therefore must be taken from my sight. I die. . . . You have served up a look that slays my whole existence. This round we will be judging looks from September,  fashion hardest working month. 
So lets get it started…

 Kylie Jenner 

Bye bye

It kills me to say it,  because I love Kylie and I see the potential of this look. Unfortunately the dress is ill-fitting and adds bulk to body and leaves her looking frumpy. If the detailing across her midsection were rotated to be traveling diagonally and meeting at a center point it would immediately cinch the waist and accentuate her hourglass figure. Loving the denim jacket however I’m assuming she must have ran out of time to do her hair,  poor time management skills, Ky

Bella Hadid

I die

Bella,  you look stellar, The Weekend is lucky to be your fella!

Who knew you could look this red hot in all blue? I’ve previously gushed over my love affair with Navy  and I love the light blue clutch to soften the look and keep things fun and playful

Kendall Jenner

I die 

My main reason for loving this outfit is that with each item of clothing together this outfit would cut almost anybody else’s body in all the wrong places but Kendall reminds us once again that she is in a class above us mere mortals. She is literally taunting us with her supermodel proportions, her confident smile daring us to try her look and fail. I like her hair here because it’s nice to see something other than dead straight from the stunner. I personally think that the chunky black boot is to heavy against the cropped flair but this look is 90’s af and she is nailing it

Gigi Hadid

I die 

yasssss kween. Everything about this look is perfect. Shoes. Tan. Hair. Makeup. Bag. Coat. AND THAT NUDE BODYSUIT. Literally my jaw dropped when I saw this and my heart had palpitations. Outfits like this are the reason that I love fashion. 

I also like that the jacket can double as an anti-paparazzi shield,  by reflecting camera flashes. At least now she won’t have to throw elbows to get the pesky paps out of her face

Rita Ora

Bye bye

What is going on with that frizzed out, nappy ass weave? The dress looks cheap and the makeup is lackluster. Even her posture and stance in this photo make it feel a little sad,  like this could be something from a Diane Arbus collection. To sum it all up this looks like somebody wearing a very low budget, ‘popstar diva’ costume is the Rubi Shoes interpretation of a shoe originally by Windsor Smith,  but this should be expected as she has modeled whole ‘career’  (lol)  on being a poor imitation of Rihanna

 Kim Kardashian 

I die

This ladies, is your masterclass lesson in date night dressing. Kimmel looks banging without trying to hard. I love the way she has been wearing her makeup lately,  much softer and more natural than the Kardashian Kontour trend that the family are famous for. Those spaghetti strap sandals are the perfect shoe for the outfit. Her longer than long eave is giving me major hair envy and her body looks so perfect she could be the product of photoshop. 

Jourdan Dunn

I die

 Should come as no surprise that the h ex Victoria’s Secret angel has nailed the art of if boudoir-dressing so flawlessly. The laser cut leather dress gives it a slight dominatrix edge and toughen up the look and she nailed it by keeping the makeup quite minimal and her hair just tousled. The nails,  shoes and jewelry are all understated and coordinated and make her outfit feel complete and that no detail has been forgotten or overlooked. 

Kate Hudson 

Bye bye 

It honestly look like some one has pulled a Kim Kardashian style heist between the time Kate left her house and arrived at the event. WHY ARE THERE NO ACCESSORIES? I love this Ellie Saab jumpsuit and I am so furious with Kate Hudson that I’m seeing red for not giving it the styling and  attention to detail that it deserves. What could have been a fierce fashion moment feels unfinished amen leaves me confused as to why nobody thought to suggest a necklace,  a cuff and/or a purse. 

 Olivia Wilde

Bye bye

I know that it is blasphemous to say what follows this about anything Valentino, and I do not like to be as crude or vulgar as I am about to sound so ill be quick and then move on from this look entirely. 

This outfit bears a resemblance to a used feminine hygiene product. 

I’m sorry, but I’m sure if you weren’t thinking it before I’m sure that you can see it now 

Daisy Lowe

Bye bye 

Perspective is a magical thing. Nobody in their right mind would look at this photo and say that Daisy looks great. But if you look at it as a photo of Kate Cebrano,  as I did when I first opened it,  then Kate looks great. 

Tidy up, Daisy


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