Retro Smetro | it’s the now 🌿

I don’t mean that in a I hate Retro way, obvs. Because I’d boot myself off this sight if that was the case.
Don’t stress tho, take a chill and relax. We luuuurrrrve Retro. Point being – how long do we call clothes retro that are swarming today’s Fashion trends ? Valid point, I know.
Anyway . This post is just to give you a little vibe of what avenue Justa Local Store is going down. We are clearing out with a👉🏼 Warehouse Sale 👈🏼 (it’s a little bit ridonk!). Actually we refer to it as a ‘Shit’s real cheap sale’. Because it is.
I got side tracked again. So here are some vibes go see where we are taking the store. Good things take time tho, like fashion. We all retro now 🌻

Yeh I know – your feelin it ! 
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